Jun, 22
26 Jun, 22

See the Weebit ReRAM IP
Module in Action!

At this week’s Leti Innovation Days event, Weebit is showing the first public demonstration of our ReRAM IP module. Just in case you aren’t attending the event, we’re sharing a video of the demo so you can see Weebit ReRAM in action.

The demo shows the real-world capability of Weebit ReRAM as a non-volatile memory (NVM) integrated into an actual subsystem. Specifically, you’ll see live images being fed into the ReRAM IP module on a test board which is then unplugged and then powered on again. The images are retained during power-off, demonstrating the non-volatile nature of the memory.

The demo also shows the speed at which the ReRAM module is read and written, demonstrating a significantly faster write speed compared to flash memory. This speed has a lot to do with the fact that Weebit ReRAM has direct write capability and is bit accessible, unlike flash which needs to erase entire data sectors every time it writes, leading to slower write throughput.

The demo is based on Weebit’s embedded ReRAM module that includes:

  • A 128Kb ReRAM array
  • All analog circuitry, including optimized voltage and current references
  • Smart algorithms
  • Control logic and data manipulation
  • IOs (Input/Output communication elements)
  • Redundancy and Error Correcting Code (ECC)

Watch the video!

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