“Through our ongoing work with Weebit, we are getting closer to the realization of truly brain-like platforms. The AI system using our algorithms and Weebit ReRAM combines the accuracy of deep learning with the flexibility of the human brain, so it can learn new things without forgetting trained tasks of previously acquired information. Through our close collaboration with Weebit, we have thoroughly tested their ReRAM samples and can assure their performance, high accuracy and low-power profile.”

Daniele Ielmini
Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano

“Through our collaboration with Weebit, a key player in the ReRAM market, we’re enabling our mutual customers to take advantage of the latest advancements in semiconductor technology.”

Eric Guichard
VP & GM of Silvaco’s TCAD Business Unit, Silvaco

“We believe ReRAM will boom in the coming three to five years, driven by strong growth in 5G and AI. We will continue to work with Weebit to adapt the technology to our needs. We look forward to the opportunities this co-operation may lead to.”

Mark Long
CEO of XTX Technology

“The semiconductor industry is constantly moving to smaller geometries for advanced processes. Since embedded flash faces scalability challenges below 40nm, companies today use complex and inefficient solutions when embedding it into their chips. The industry has been crying out for a new technology to succeed flash memory in advanced geometries, and these results show Weebit has a viable solution.”

Olivier Faynot
Head of Silicon component Division at CEA-Leti

“In various power management designs, ReRAM has the potential to enable tighter system integration and lower power consumption, even at high junction temperatures. We congratulate Weebit on taping out its ReRAM module design, which provides strong validation of the feasibility of this technology for the power domain.”

Ross Teggatz
Co-Founder and CTO of Nebula Microsystems

“Weebit’s ReRAM is at the forefront of non-volatile memory technology and is laying the groundwork for exciting new memory solutions. We’re excited to work with Weebit toward building its technology into our growing library of silicon-proven and trusted design IP that our customers can leverage in building highly differentiated SoC designs.”

Thomas Sonderman
SkyWater president and CEO