ReRAM IP for Your Embedded Design

Weebit ReRAM technology is ideal for both embedded memory and discrete (stand-alone) memory chips. Weebit’s current focus is on the embedded applications market, delivering solutions to semiconductor customers and IDMs which are manufactured in their fab of choice. We make our embedded ReRAM IP available to customers in the form of memory modules.

Weebit ReRAM is available now in SkyWater Technology’s 130nm CMOS process. The IP is proven in silicon, available for integration in users’ SoCs, and under qualification.

Getting Started with Weebit ReRAM

The first Weebit ReRAM module integrates a ReRAM (RRAM) array in a complete module in 130nm technology. We chose 130nm for the initial module design since this node has been shown to be the sweet spot for analog, power, sensor and IoT designs.

The ReRAM module includes:

This initial module is the basis for other ReRAM modules that we are developing, and can be configured to meet specific customer requirements.

Designed for Seamless Integration

Our ReRAM module is provided to customers with a complete set of collateral and EDA views enabling smooth integration by SoC architects using state-of-the-art tools from leading EDA vendors. In order to further simplify the integration of the module, our proprietary memory controller can be provided to customers in various forms and may be adapted to fit various standard bus interfaces.

To ease the design process for SoC products containing our ReRAM, we have further integrated our initial ReRAM module into a complete subsystem including a RISC-V microcontroller (MCU), system interfaces, Static Random-Access Memory (SRAM) and peripherals. This subsystem is available to customers upon request.

Highly Integrated Demo Chip

Customers can use our highly integrated subsystem demo chip as a development and prototyping platform for new products such as low-energy IoT devices, and also use it as a final platform for testing and qualification ahead of production.

Flexibility to Enable Numerous Applications

To enable a wide range of embedded SoC designs, our ReRAM IP is highly scalable and customizable. Regardless of the target application or process, we have a solution that can improve your design.

Weebit ReRAM IP is available as embedded modules in different storage capacities. It is available now in SkyWater Technology’s S130 process. It is customizable for other foundries and process nodes from 180nm to 22nm and below.

In the future, our ReRAM compiler will enable customers to automatically reconfigure a design according to their specific requirements without going through exhaustive manual design and fab qualification processes.

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