A Quantum Leap in Memory Technology

Disrupting semiconductor memory

Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT) is a leading developer of advanced semiconductor memory technology. Our company was incorporated in 2015 with a vision of creating a leap forward in storage and computing capabilities that will drive the proliferation of intelligent devices. Such devices – from tiny IoT sensors to advanced AI and cloud computing – have the potential to address some of the world’s largest challenges.

With this vision in mind, we are focused on delivering the industry’s most advanced memory technologies that global semiconductor companies and foundries can use to easily and cost-effectively differentiate their products.

We are doing this with our ground-breaking Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRAM or RRAM) a type of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) technology. Weebit ReRAM delivers a combination of high performance, low power, and low cost that is not achievable by other NVMs.

Harnessing our leading technology, as well as our deep expertise and passion for innovation, our team is creating NVM technology that is designed to be the successor to flash memory.

Technology designed for commercial success

From the start, we’ve focused on creating NVM that is not only the best technical solution, but one that is commercially viable. This philosophy has led us to create ReRAM (RRAM) which only uses fab-friendly materials, and doesn’t require any specialized tools, equipment or processes. In this way, Weebit ReRAM overcomes the integration challenges and investment concerns inherent in other types of emerging NVM.

Weebit ReRAM is also more environmentally friendly than other types of NVM – it doesn’t require any rare earth materials, doesn’t pose any contamination risk, and doesn’t require dedicated clean room space. Because it is inherently lower power and requires fewer resources to be manufactured, Weebit ReRAM also has a smaller GHG (greenhouse gas) emission footprint.

A winning team

We have world-class leadership, with an executive team and Board of Directors that have deep R&D and commercialization experience with many of the world’s leading semiconductor companies. Our growing team around the world represents some of the industry’s most seasoned memory technology and manufacturing experts.

Together with our research partner CEA-Leti, we are creating ReRAM IP that customers can embed in their system-on-chip (SoC) designs. We are also developing discrete (stand-alone) memory technology as part of our mid-term strategy, targeting storage class memory, persistent memory and NOR flash replacement. Finally, we are working closely with leading academic institutions and other partners toward the long-term goal of leveraging our ReRAM for neuromorphic computing applications. At Weebit, we are dedicated to solving customers’ challenges and providing unrivaled support.




Traded on the Australian Stock Exchange

Based In

Israel and France

Target Market

The NVM market is estimated to be ~$124 billion in 2027*

Team Members

50 personnel** 90% eng./scientists


Innovative emerging NVM: Weebit ReRAM

Leadership Team

World-renowned executive team and Board of Directors

Current Business Model

Product & IP licensing to semiconductor companies and fabs

Strategic R&D Partner

CEA-Leti: Leading French research institute and global micro-electronics leader

* Dec. 2022 Markets&Markets; Company data. ** Includes employees and permanent contractors.