Fast, low power, dense, non-volatile memory


The Challenge

The vast amounts of information that are being stored on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones today, primarily use Flash Memory technology. While recent developments enabled Flash Memory to continue to evolve in single chips (like USB sticks or SSD drives) with the introduction of 3D-NAND, Flash is not managing to progress in the embedded market (where memory is combined with processors and other elements on the same chip) and is not a valid solution for designs below 28nm.

The market needs a new Non-Volatile memory technology which will provide a solution for the smaller process geometries.

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The Solution

Resistive Random-Access-Memory (ReRAM) is a very promising technology for embedded Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), especially at the smaller process geometries. ReRAM is orders of magnitude faster and lower power consumption compared to Flash memories. Unlike other emerging NVM technologies, and unlike other ReRAM implementations, Weebit’s disruptive ReRAM memory is made from standard manufacturing materials for the semiconductor industry, which makes it very easy to manufacture and it can reach mass production faster and attain higher yields (working dies per wafer) faster.

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High performance


Energy efficient

Made from fab-friendly

Reliable and durable

High endurance


Weebit Nano is an Israeli company founded in 2015 and traded on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) since 2016. The company is focused on addressing the exponentially growing need for new and advanced memories and providing the world with the future of memory today.
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