The Market Opportunity

 In the last 40 years the Flash Memory technology has dominated the electronic Non-Volatile Memory industry. However, the rapid growth in the amount of data, as well as the progress in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applications, generated the need for a much faster and lower power memory.

The overall market size for Flash Memory is currently estimated at over 60 Billion USD and is rapidly growing. The world’s storage requirements are doubling every two years as people take more pictures and videos at an exponentially growing rate, and new Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applications are developed and continue to grow.

Memory innovation is required in a wide range of applications, including:

While the most popular application sectors for memories are computers, consumer electronics, smartphones, tablets and enterprise storage, there are tremendous growth opportunities in innovative segments such as automotive infotainment and navigation systems, neuromorphic applications, deep learning & machine learning systems, wearables, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

SiOx ReRAM enables much faster and lower power memories, which are much easier to manufacture. Weebit is initially targeting the Embedded Application market, but will later on expand to additional domains.

Embedded Applications – In today’s hyper-connected reality, the need for energy efficient, cost effective controllers with embedded NVM is growing rapidly. Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications are going down to the smallest geometries, in which there is no embedded flash solution and Weebit’s ReRAM can easily fit. Internet of Things (IoT) devices are expected to connect 50B devices by the year 2020. They require dense, low-power embedded memories, some of which are NVM, and Weebit’s ReRAM is a perfect fit. Weebit’s ReRAM is easy to manufacture in any fab, and can be embedded in designs with the smallest geometries or used where the intrusive flash cells are not easy to embed.

Persistent Memory (PM) – There is a big gap in today’s systems between the main memory (DRAM), which is very fast but volatile, and storage (Flash/SSD), which is very slow and non-volatile. A new type of memory, Persistent Memory, is now emerging. PM is 1000X faster and 1000X lower power than Flash, but is also NVM, and is targeted to accelerate storage in data centers, cloud computing and mass storage devices, as well as Artificial Intelligence. Weebit’s ReRAM is a perfect fit for PM.

Neuromorphic Computing –  Weebit’s ReRAM cell functions similarly to a synapse in the brain, making it an ideal solution for neuromorphic computing, which drives AI. Many institutes are now studying this domain, which has the potential to become a huge market in the future. 

Storage – As single chips used in devices, such as USB sticks or SSD drives.