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Weebit Nano successfully completes stabilisation process, moves closer to production

7 October 2020 – Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT), a leading developer of next generation memory technology for the global semiconductor industry, has successfully completed its technology stabilisation process and is now ready to transfer its technology to a production fab. Conducted with Leti, the final stage in the stabilisation process successfully reduced the cell to cell and die to die non-uniformity, further increased the level of functional cells, and ensured batch-to-batch repeatability.

These improvements to Weebit’s silicon oxide ReRAM technology are an important milestone on the path to productisation and commercialisation, creating a solid foundation for the next steps, including the module IP design for the embedded market, standalone memory for mass storage, and production in a foundry.

The final stabilisation phase continued the significant improvement of Weebit’s memory functionality, exceeding expectations and bringing the level of functional cells to over 99%, a key requirement when moving to production. In addition, optimised integration showed excellent wafer to wafer reproducibility for various programming conditions, which means that different memory cells in different areas of a wafer and across different wafers in the batch present the same behaviour (similar resistivity response to various voltage levels).

Coby Hanoch, CEO of Weebit Nano, said: “The successful completion of the stabilisation process follows four years of extensive research and development by the joint Weebit and Leti engineering teams, which has created a unique and highly competitive ReRAM technology. Our close collaboration with Leti will continue, as we constantly strive to improve and further optimise the technical parameters of our silicon oxide ReRAM.

“In parallel to completing the stabilisation process which has reinforced the capabilities of our technology, we are moving closer to commercialisation, engaging in discussions with a production partner and working towards transferring our IP and achieving technology qualification in the partner’s fab.”

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About Weebit Nano Limited

Weebit Nano is a leader in the development of next generation computer memory technology, and plans to become the new industry standard in this space. Its goal is to address the growing need for a significantly higher performance and lower power computer memory technology. Weebit Nano’s ReRAM technology is based on fab-friendly Silicon Oxide, allowing the company to rapidly execute, without the need for special equipment or preparations. The company secured several patents to ensure optimal commercial and legal protection for its ground-breaking technology.

Weebit Nano’s technology enables a quantum leap, allowing semiconductor memory elements to be significantly cheaper, faster, more reliable and more energy efficient than the existing Flash technology. Weebit Nano has signed an R&D agreement with Leti, an R&D institute that specialises in nanotechnologies, to further develop SiOx ReRAM technology.

For more information please visit: http://www.weebit-nano.com/

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