About Us

A Quantum Leap in Memory Technology

Weebit is a leader in the development of next generation memory technology. Incorporated in Israel in 2015, Weebit addresses the growing need for data storage and embedded Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) technology with its new, Resistive Random-Access-Memory (ReRAM) technology.

Disrupting the Memory Market

Weebit’s focus on producing its ReRAM technology using Silicon Oxide (SiOx), and avoiding non-standard materials and tools, enables its manufacturing partners to quickly and easily adopt the technology and reach mass production. Our ReRAM technology is orders of magnitude faster and lower power compared to Flash (both NAND and NOR) and has an endurance of 1,000,000 cycles.

Weebit has partnered with CEA/Leti for the development of its ReRAM technology. Leti is a leading research organization specializing in nanotechnologies and their applications. It has a very experienced team in memory design working with state-of-the-art clean room facilities.

Together, Weebit and Leti have made significant progress, demonstrating 1Mbit working arrays at 40nm, and now focusing on moving the technology to a production fab.